Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blessed Are The Merciful

Lunch time was nearly over. Alice and Nicholas were eating together.

They were talking about what had happened on their first day at their new school. They were cleaning up their lunch papers when Nicholas saw James.

When he was finished cleaning up, Nicholas walked up to James.

"Hi," Nicholas said

"Hi," James said quietly

Nicholas asked "Are you ready for class now?"

"Yeah"...Just then the bell rang and James ran off.

Nicholas smiled at Alice. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah, let's go," she answered.

Jesus teaches us to be forgiving and caring to others.

Do you think Nicholas was right to talk to James?
Do you think James thought Nicholas was nice to talk to him?
Do you think Jesus was happy with Nicholas?

I Wonder...

What Should I Say To God When I Pray?

When we pray, it's easy to say the same words over and over. Prayer can become a habit that we don't think about. Instead, we should think about what we are saying when we pray, and we should be honest with God. Also, we shouldn't pray to show off, but we should say to God what we want to tell him. The Lord's Prayer can be a guide for what to talk to God about. Prayers can include thanking God for who he is and for what he has done. In prayer we can confess our sins, telling God that we are sorry for the bad things we have done. We can make requests, too, asking God to help others and to give us strength and guidance. We can talk to God about anything on our mind.