Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blessed Are They Who Mourn

The bell rang for school to start.

Alice was on her way to her classroom at her new school. She saw a girl sitting on the ground, holding her knee, and crying.

She went over to the girl that was crying.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

The girl was crying.

She said, "I fell and skinned my knee."

"I will help you to the office," Alice said.

She helped the girl get up and they walked slowly to the office.

Jesus teaches us that when we cry and we are sad, Jesus knows and He cares.

Do you think Alice should have helped that girl?

Do you think Alice should have helped her to the office?
Do you think the girl was grateful to Alice?
Do you think Jesus was happy?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Do Not Steal

“….Happy Birthday to Jenny, Happy Birthday to you!” The sound of her birthday song was still in Jenny’s ears as she peddled her brand new scooter to the swimming pool close to her home. This was a great day! For a birthday gift, her parents had just bought her the scooter she had always wanted. Now she was riding it for the first time! It was the perfect birthday gift! She was truly a lucky girl.

Jenny was meeting all her friends at the swimming pool for a great afternoon of splashing, swimming and diving. Her parents had arranged for a pool party with lots of food and balloons. It was her birthday and Jenny felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Jenny pulled her shiny new red scooter into the pool’s parking lot and leaned it against the fence and ran to meet her friends who had arrived early. This was a great day and all she could think of was how special she was. When she was inside she spent a lot of time jumping from the diving board into the pool. About an hour into Jenny’s party, her friend Debbie asked about her new scooter. She was happy to show off the scooter to Debbie.

Debbie and Jenny ran to the outer fence to get a good view. The scooter as not there! A shocked look overcame Jenny’s face. She exclaimed “Where is my new scooter?” She and Debbie ran outside the pool complex and walked all around the parking area. No scooter! They asked the manager. No luck! Before she knew it, everyone at the pool was looking for Jenny’s new scooter.

Someone had stolen her brand new scooter. Jenny sat and cried! Her heart seemed broken. Soon Jenny’s mother came and held Jenny in her arms. Like all mom’s she could feel her pain and she held her close to her heart. She soothed Jenny and spoke to her.

“Jenny, this is a very sad thing that has happened, especially on your birthday. I am so sorry” her mother said. Jenny snuggled closer and cried.

Her mother continued “Jenny, when God gave Moses the 10 Commandments, He made a special point to tell us not to steal. Stealing is a very bad thing to do and it causes very much pain for the innocent people who lose their valuables. It also makes the person who steals evil. “

She continued, “God calls us to share things with others but sometimes people break God’s laws and it causes pain. Nobody feels that pain more than you do, my precious Jenny.”

They returned to the Birthday party but the day was not as wonderful as it had been before the scooter was stolen.

This story does not have a happy ending. Stealing is not a happy subject. Jenny’s heart was broken and a wonderful day was ruined by the greed and bad actions of selfish people. May God bless you and may you never have anything of yours stolen.