Thursday, March 09, 2006

Use Words to Honor God and People

“Way cool!” said Nicky. He was happy because Uncle Henry was taking Jessica and him to a Memorial Day parade! It was a warm day in the city as summer was beginning. Jessica studied in school that Memorial Day was a day when all the people remembered those who had given their life for their country.

In their city, there were always parades for big events. The parades had marching bands that played great music, big, colorful floats dedicated to the theme and many of the city’s famous people.

Nicky and Jessica were very happy to be going. Uncle Henry also brought along his friend James. He was older than Nicky and Jessica but still younger than their very old Uncle Henry. Jessica used to tease her Uncle Henry saying, “He is so old that he even had grey hair.” She loved to tease her Uncle because she knew he loved her with all his heart and that he was always having fun.

During the parade, James got really excited about the music and started to shout out loud. An ugly scene happened. James lost his temper and said some very nasty words. He was red in the face and waved his hands all around. Nicky covered his ears because he knew that from his training about loving God and one another that nasty words were not what God wanted us to say. Jessica stood there with her mouth opened, she was embarrassed. Uncle Henry did his best to stop James.

After the fuss was over, James apologized to everyone, including Uncle Henry, Nicky and Jessica. James said he had a problem with anger and that sometimes he said things that were offensive to others. He said he was especially sorry about saying nasty things about God. James said, “God tells us in the Second Commandment that we should not use his name in vain.” I used God’s name in vain and I am sorry.

Nicky was not really sure what “in vain” meant but he knew it was important to respect for the Lord's name and James’s angry words did not respect God. Uncle Henry said that Nicky had it 100% correct!

Uncle Henry said that he was very happy that Nicky and Jessica did not use bad words or have anger problems. He was always proud of them for the way that they always respected other people. For their reward, Uncle Henry and James took Nicky and Jessica to the ice cream stand and bought them a big ice cream cone when the parade ended.

It is always important to respect God and all of God’s people by using good words and not using nasty words. Even though others may use curse words to act cool, we all know that God has a special love for those who use their words to make the world a better place.

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