Friday, March 17, 2006

Keep a Special Day for God

One Sunday Nicky and Jessica went shopping with their Aunt Lisa. They were looking at all kinds of stores window-shopping. Jessica was telling Aunt Lisa how she would love a new dress when Nicky interrupted. He noticed that many of the stores were closed. He asked, “Aunt Lisa, why are so many stores closed today and their lights are turned out?”

Aunt Lisa replied, “Nicky, the reason the stores are closed is because it is Sunday.” Nicky scrunched up his nose and said, “Huh? Sunday? I know that’s when people go to Church and when people spend lots of time with their families but why can’t I go to this jewelry store to get my watch fixed?”

Aunt Lisa said, “Nicky, many stores are closed on Sunday because it is the Lord’s Day and the Third Commandment tells us to keep holy the Lord’s Day.” She explained that in many countries people do not work on Sunday so that they can spend time thanking God for all the good things in their lives and for the gifts, they received during the week. “

Jessica smiled and said, “Aunt Lisa, I always thank God for all the great things in my life.” Aunt Lisa gave her a hug and said, “Jessica, I know that both you and Nicky are always thankful but let me tell you more.”

She explained, “Sunday is the special day when the entire Family of God comes together to thank Him. It is like in our family when on ordinary days, you tell each other how ‘thanks’ and ‘good job’ but there are those special days when our family and friends join together to celebrate. Recently we all went to graduation celebrations of your cousins Steve, Richard, Tanya and Ann. We made it a special event and made them feel extremely special. We gave them cool gifts, remember?”

Aunt Lisa continued, “Sundays are the special days when God’s family around the world gets together at Mass to thank God for all his blessings. Some families worship together on Sunday with all the neighbors in their local communities as a way of thanking God for wonderful gifts. Some ask God for forgiveness. They even give God special gifts like part of their allowance or the best gift--the gift of their love for God.”

Aunt Lisa gave them each a hug and said, “I love you both and I need you to know that when I go to Church I always thank God for the both of you!”

It is always important to make Sunday a special day for God and join all of God’s family to say thanks. We should make every effort to attend Mass. Taking time to say thanks to family and friends is just as important—they too, are gifts from God.

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