Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blessed are the Meek

Alice went to her class. In her class was a friend that lived on her same street.

"Hi, Katie." Alice was glad to see a friend.

"Hey Alice. If you need any help, just let me know," said Katie with a smile

"Thank you Katie," said Alice.

Mrs. Williams, their teacher, announced that Katie got the highest grade in the class from their test last week in science.

Mrs. Williams gave Katie a treat. The whole class clapped for Katie.

"Congratulations, Katie," Alice said.

"Thank you. During recess, we can share this treat," Katie offered

"No, Katie, its yours, you earned it," said Alice.

With a smile Katie answered, "I want to share with you."

"Thank you Katie, and I could use some help in science."

"Sure Alice, right after school."

Jesus teaches us that we all have gifts that He has given to us. We should share what we are good at with others and never be boastful.

Wasn't that nice of Katie?
Do you think Katie made Alice feel as if she had a friend?
Do you think Katie made Jesus happy?

Remember to pray and ask Jesus to give you a meek and humble heart and mind.

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